Inspiring Street Art – Will Coles

Street art is one of my favourite types of artistic expression, it’s readily available, it communicates with its audience without discrimination and it’s everywhere. Even when sometimes you don’t think you can see it, just look a little harder – there might be a message lurking in your local alleyway which will slowly come into focus at the right time, just like they do when you’re reading a Magic Eye book.

Will Coles is one of my top five performers in this genre, mainly because his approach is relatively unique – instead of arming himself with a stack of spray cans, Will starts casting cement sculptures instead and attaches them to every surface he feels suits the message.

I love how the art interacts with its chosen environment, and how the same sculpture can evoke an entirely different feeling when placed in another context.

Some examples of his artwork to make you think will now follow:







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  1. Very cool… is he an Aussie?

  2. Hi Anna

    He was originally born in England but currently resides in Sydney, and has done so for a few years now. I love his work!

  3. I have seen a fair bit of his work around Surry Hills. He has some pretty cool stuff.

  4. Hi Olga,

    Thank you for the Will Coles love.
    We agree that he is brilliant at selecting the right environment for his work to best evoke a message.

    We have re-posted your article on our facebook.


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