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several years of incremental developments, the world of
in-car technology is about to explode into the consumer
market. Just as the general public have adapted to
managing and exploiting the myriad functions of desktops,
smart phones and tablets, they are about to be faced with
a similar plethora of competing technologies, standards
and options in the dashboard of their car.

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Pretty hectic first day for us getting all the tech set up but it all came together in the end. Fantastic to see the hard work from everyone rewarded.

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Shitbox rally key visual 2

It’s been a wild ride just to get us to this stage. As we look back over the last few months we can’t help but be as proud of what’s gone before as we are excited for what is still to come.

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The shitbox receives it’s first (but probably not the last) round of repairs. And we haven’t even hit the road yet!

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It’s confirmed; The Internets have found their perfect ‘shitbox’ – everyone welcome ‘Mignon’ to the team.

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