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Matt Griffin, Founder and Chief Executive at Deepend Group, is helping shake up the Australian creative industry’s award system and driving change to instil a more transparent, dynamic and merit-based approach when it comes to recognising excellence.

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Imagine, if you can, a 4,000km journey through one of the most remote areas of Australia.

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Light Sleeper? Well here’s some fuel to burn the midnight oil.

Web Conversations July 23rd Innovation Tools & the Art of Framing Problems

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Pretty hectic first day for us getting all the tech set up but it all came together in the end. Fantastic to see the hard work from everyone rewarded.

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Shitbox rally key visual 2

It’s been a wild ride just to get us to this stage. As we look back over the last few months we can’t help but be as proud of what’s gone before as we are excited for what is still to come.

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