Innovation Tools & the Art of Framing Problems – Webinar

Innovation Tools & The Art of Reframing Problems
Thursday July 24th
2:00am Sydney Time

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Innovation has become a serious business. It’s a growing social and economic imperative that calls for more people to be more innovative, more often. But how do you get better at it?

In the next dmi: Web Conversation, Pamela DeCesare will talk with Chris Pacione, CEO and Co-Founder of LUMA Institute and co-author of the book Innovating for People.  LUMA works with businesses, non-profits and governments using a framework of tools and methods that helps organizations get better at discovering unmet needs and delivering innovative solutions.

He’ll discuss the innovative endeavor and provide a look into the Looking, Understand and Making tools that comprise LUMA’s System of Innovation– a framework that The Harvard Business Review recently called a “Taxonomy of Innovation.”

The conversation will drill down into a very important but easily overlooked aspect of innovation: Problem Framing. Chris will share some design methods that you can use with your clients and collaborators to
1. ensure you are solving the right problem and 2. reduce the risk of drifting back into status-quo solutions.

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Source: Design Management Institute


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