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Day (T-01) – So long and thanks for all the fish

As we set off today to start the last leg of our Rally The Future adventure we can’t help but look back and reflect on the journey it has been so far. Somehow the trip ahead feels like a walk-in the-park to what we’ve collectively achieved over the last few months. A true testament to the support and commitment of friends that this place seems to create.

For those of you who have watched from the sidelines, we hope you look at the people who you work with, with the admiration that Dave and I do. Those who have not only given up their personal time to support us in this adventure but have also been responsible for raising $20,000 for such a worthy cause and a cause that you now know has a special place in my family’s heart.

Dave and I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has been involved in the project from the diehards like Benny and Jim, the mainstays like Noel, Isaac, Olga, Michael, and Dani to other who have gave their personal time; Scott, Seamus, Eva, Kim, DJ, Lucy and I’m sure there are others. You are all amazing.

The adventure ahead will be an interesting and an amazing one. Not only will be driving over 4000kms, a quarter of which will be on unsealed roads in the middle of the outback, but we’ll also be doing our best to bring everyone else the best experience we can, given the situation and technology that the team has put together. It has been no mean feat stitching together the array of technology that we are using in the car. From Rasberry Pis to satellite receivers, iOS messaging platforms to GoGet integrated hardware, all connected and delivered back to you for your viewing pleasure through the website and the #rallythefuture twitter handle. It’s an incredible technical achievement.

For any of you who have not yet logged in or checked out the site. Now is the time to do it to familiarise yourself with the new interface.

For those of you who still don’t have a twitter account. Here’s 5 good reason to get one.

@Chr1sa – Chris Anderson, Ex Editor in Chief of Weird Magazine, Author of Free, The Long Tail and Geek Dad

@karaswisher – Re/code Co-Executive Editor and the most influential woman on Twitter

@UN_Spokesperson – Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General of the UN

@OctoberJones and @ TechnicallyRon – Labelled at the “Funniest People on Twitter”

@Rallythefuture – The wildest ride you’ll tune into over the next week


Have as much fun here while we are away.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a week.


Matt & Dave


  1. Also Bec – awesome work Bec! Loved the illustrations, you are one talented lady 🙂

  2. Have a great trip guys! Looking forward to seeing your shenanigans on the website 🙂

  3. Good luck, guys!

  4. Have a great day 1, enjoy the drive. See you on the other side.

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