Off Made Social Media 2.0 Car

Volkswagen is inviting its fans in the Netherlands to vote for their all-time favourite VW model and win the a one-off made social web 2.0 car as a reward.

What is more, the so-called Volkswagen Fanwagen will be equipped with social media features, making it, VW says ‘the most social car ever’. Clearly designed for the social network-obsessed, these include a license plate that shows your relationship status, and the ability to print your newsfeed off at the dashboard.

All you have to do is go to the Fanwagen Facbook and vote for the car you like best, be it the Beetle or the iconic Camper Van. I personally love this idea as it gives the much loved old style a new modern twist to a real life car!

The only issue with this is happens if any of this cool technology breakdown? I’m hoping for the winner theres a t least a 5 year car warranty with it!



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