Control Your Washing Machine

I had an awesome idea last night to revolutionise the way we wash & dry our clothes, alas the good people at Samsung have already completed this… Sooo gutted…I was so excited about the prospects of actually building a real life prototype of it and playing with it at home. I might have to build an add on for all the older washing models…

The washer and dryer each have their own I.P. address, which your phone can tunnel to no matter where you are. Using the app, you can remotely start up any cycle, which then gives you a timer on how long until it’s done (amazing when you have flatmates or have a huge amount of washing). You can also remotely pause a cycle if need be, and use a variety of notification types to let you know when it’s done.

I would have added a couple of things like the warranty run out extender, recommendation & feedback, instant notification of errors to customer services/service people and of course when it passes it wash cycle expetancy a simple message and offer to upgrade and get another new washing machine.

Its a real innovative and helpful idea that help customers with their day to day lives, whilst also helping Samsung further understand how its customers uses their products. Anyways will leave this with you to think about 🙂


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  1. Yeah that sounds awesome! But does it work wirelessly!?!?

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