How Mobile Consumers Behave

Google produced a report on ‘How Mobile Consumers Behave’ in which 5 points are discussed and elaborated on.

1 Smartphones are indispensable to daily life

2 Smartphones have transformed consumer behaviour

3 Smartphones help users navigate the world

4 Smartphones change the way that consumers shop

5 Smartphones help advertisers connect with customers

A few key outcomes of the research are:

We use our smartphones everyday, never leave the house with it, and we use it everywhere – from in a store to in a cab (yes and probably the toilet too). 36% of people with a smartphone, would rather give up TV than their smartphone.

Smartphones are used massively for Search. They are used part for Communication, part to stay informed, and part for entertainment. In the last 30 days, you’ve probably used around 12 apps. Smartphone are often used while multitasking with other media, such as the television.

Smartphones change the way we shop – they allow us to research products anytime, anywhere. 56% of consumers search on their mobile after seeing an ad. Smartphones may also change our mind about a purchase in a shop. But it’s not all bad for offline retail – 38% of consumers who researched a product on their smartphone, have then purchased in offline. The biggest barrier to mobile commerce is the screen size (too small).

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Slidehare, picture slide #3.

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