Is it time for an ELE?

‘How to understand social media though dinosaurs’ combines a love of info-graphics with a childhood fascination for dinosaurs that never really went away. Though the Reddit description does sound a bit like it was written by a Reddit employee, it did prompt me to spend a little time on the Reddit site – something I have not really done before. While it is a powerful tool, it is also extremely ugly and full of fluff to be honest, leaving me to surmise that perhaps the Reddit dinosaur should have been the Wooly Mammoth instead – but anyway, that is just my opinion. A further and far more interesting question this info-graphic raised though is what these social media giants would do if faced with an Extinction Level Event (ELE) – kind of like Myspace did with Facebook… what would these still living dinosaurs do if we stopped using them and they were faced with an Ice Age?

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