Personal Analytics for Facebook from Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha have just released an enhancement to their Facebook-trawling “Personal Analytics” curiously, but perhaps co-incidentally, timed with the soft-launch of the Facebook Graph Search last week. At first I was all excited as it sounded like they were offering semantic search. Does this mean there’s an Graph Search API?! Have they done a secret deal with Facebook?

Sadly no: on further inspection it’s “just” a better (i.e. very good!) version of their previous report which collates data from your profile to present some interesting answers to questions such as:

Who is your most popular friend from college?
What was your most liked status update?
Are all your married friends clustered in one part of your network?
What are the most common words on your wall?
Are all your friends from your hometown the same age?


Just type “Facebook Report” into Wolfram Alpha.

Read more in their blog article about the release and more generally on Wolfram Alpha’s Personal Analytics for Facebook here.

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