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Social Media Risk & Privacy 2013 forum, Sydney, 21st-23rd Aug

Social Media Risk & Privacy 2013 forum in Sydney, 21st-23rd August at the Grace hotel

Managing social media risk in 2013….

It’s essential to grasp how social media is fast evolving and the emerging semantic web opportunities. As social media becomes more connected and gains further momentum so too do the challenges in governance and control. Too many internal policies have been reactively formulated and are no longer comprehensive in their protection of the organisation. The web is fast becoming more connected, ‘the semantic web’ is opening up new radical possibilities for social media application which in turn presents new risks to organisations. This forum has been designed to gather pioneers in social media and those responsible for governance and risk management to share best practice and provide future perspectives on how to align strategies to the changing social media landscape.

Information security professionals, risk managers, internal and IT auditors, heads of compliance and marketers and data privacy specialists are all looking to identify the key future opportunities and risks of social media use.

Risks such as breach of privacy, fear of legal action, developing a negative reputation and lack of control have given way to avoidance of social media application, it’s now essential to tackle these as we move into a more connected age.

Attendees and speakers will engage and collaborate with one another to benchmark best practices and future challenges. This is not a trade show, and therefore, seating is limited.

The speaker faculty features perspectives from social media developers, information security, internal audit, marketing, data privacy and leading consultants and advisors. You will leave with:

· How to create and enforce an effective enterprise governance framework for social media in your company

· Practical solutions and governance models relevant to your specific business environment

· Understanding emerging privacy challenges: case studies

· Current directions in privacy and data security laws

· Policies, guidelines, processes and educational resources shared and explored from leading companies

· Uncovering new social media trends and applications to understand potential legal liabilities and risk

· Assessing the opportunities these new technology offer to organizations

Who will be there?

· Social Media Operational Risk Managers

· Marketing and communications specialists involved with social media

· Chief information security officers and heads of information security

· Information security managers and engineers

· Senior internal auditors and IT auditors

· Risk management professionals

· Heads of IT and IT support managers

· Data privacy managers and specialists

· Heads of compliance, compliance managers

· Heads of legal, general counsel and in-house legal specialists

· Human resources directors and managers


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