Everyone’s Talking About Twitter This Week


Social media news is definitely cyclical, and the while the IPO gave Facebook a month in the sun, and the recent tide of Pinterest stories has ebbed somewhat, it seems Twitter is the platform that’s making headlines this week. Here are a few I’ve collected over the last 48 hours.

Its ad units are showing promise, with Twitter Said To Expect $1 Billion In Ad Revenue In 2014.

B2C and B2B marketers are singing its praises – here are ten reasons Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook and evidence that Twitter boosts business opportunities for SMBs by 663%.

In other news, God has trumped Gaga in terms of Follower volume, and 25-year-old rapper Drake got pwned by an old Texan oil billionaire #swag. But the luckiest Twit this week is definitely Hugo Chavez’s 3 millionth subscriberwho received a house from her Presidente for her trouble! (Julia Gillard isn’t even nudging a quarter of a million yet, so don’t hold your breath.)

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