I’m sure this is an oldie by now, but I’ve stumbled across another brilliant Google Easter Egg. Pop open Google (preferably in Chrome), and punch in the search term ‘Zerg rush’. Fellow games will know what I’m talking about – for those that don’t, ‘Zerg Rush’ is an online gaming term used to describe an overwhelming scale of attack carried out by one player against another in real time strategy (RTS) games. The term originates from the popular RTS game Starcraft, in which the “Zerg” race is notoriously known for its ability to mass-produce offensive units within a short time frame, thus allowing the player to overpower the opponent by sheer number. (source).

Run the ‘Zerg Rush’ search, and battle the horde of ‘Zergs’ who are determined to devour all your search results. This little gem even includes a counter measuring your APM!


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