Digital Shift Webinar – 23 Sept 6 pm AEST

Digital Shift – 23 September

We’re pleased to announce the next session of Digital Shift – your quarterly round up of the latest trends and innovations in digital. Digital Shift will give you insight into the key developments that will be impacting the market.

As it’s available exclusively to you as part of your Econsultancy subscription, please invite your colleagues to join!

The session will be led by digital expert Neil Perkin, and hosted by Econsultancy CEO, Ashley Friedlein.

What we’ll be covering in the session

Location tracking – are we starting to see opt-out tracking of customer movements and activities from apps and devices? What’s the good, bad and the ugly of location tracking, and how can brands capitalise on it in the right ways?

Corporates and start-ups – large companies running start-up partnerships and incubators – what’s behind this trend and is it worth doing?

Is prediction the new frontier for data? – Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein has called prediction one of the four Ps of personalisation. Might we be reaching a tipping point in predictive analytics?

Agile strategy – new research suggests that the nature of competitive advantage and how companies should manage product portfolios is rapidly shifting – is your company adapting for agile strategy?

Where and when?

When: 23 September 2014, 4pm (Singapore)

Where: Webex webinar – please select the session you’d like to attend using the buttons below.

More information can be found on our website.

Register for 4pm (Singapore),2RSQB,9O5KD9,A34RN,1

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