How to Use Neuroscience for Intelligent Content Marketing

Audiences typically forget 90% of the content you share with them. but controlling the 10% your audiences do remember and linking it to a desired action is an invaluable skill for the marketer.

Join Dr. Carmen Simon, to learn how to apply principles from cognitive neuroscience to create content with lasting impact, and ensure your audience remembers and acts on your critical 10%.

Date: Wednesday, 17 December

Time: 12 Noon Australian EDT (9am HKT / 2pm NZ)

Duration: 45 mins (plus Q&A)

Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:

  • 3 brain science guidelines you can apply to your content strategy immediately
  • How the latest brain science debunks many content creation myths
  • Proven techniques to drive home the critical 10% that spurs action
  • And more…


Dr. Carmen Simon
Executive Coach, Rexi Media

Carmen is an experienced cognitive scientist, published author and frequent keynote speaker. She holds doctorates in instructional technology and cognitive psychology, and applies the latest neuroscience research findings to marketers a flashlight and a magnet: one to call attention to what’s important in a message, the other to make it stick to the audience’s brain so they can act on it.

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