Deep into Basketball

Balls Deep is the first basketball team ever at Deepend. The basket ball team is an initiative lead by Erin Fellows, a talented designer and an avid basketball player. This initiative is endorsed by Deepend because it is a way to encourage staff to take up healthy activities that break up their routine and promote wellbeing.  Deepend stamped its approval on the initiative by covering the cost of the team’s registration.


The weekly activity brings together various staff members to compete and/or train. The fun and enthusiasm of the team’s success is already spreading throughout the whole office. With uniforms uniting the players on game days and the excitement becoming contagious in the office on week days, Deepend has successfully promoted a healthy activity that encourages employee’s wellbeing.


More than half the office has played in one game and a noticeable increase in sporting activity has been taken up by staff since the program began.  Finally, the team’s perseverance proudly saw them make it to the semi finals. To reward this accomplishment Deepend organised carpooling for everyone in the office so that they could attend the match. The outcome has inadvertently created a high team spirit in the office but more importantly Deepend has successfully promoted a healthy lifestyle among its staff.

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