Tackling disability with digital

Jennifer Tucker, Deepend’s Strategy Director, was also a contributor to this article.


Deepend has had the great fortune of working with a huge number of Australia’s not-for-profit organisations for many years. Being able to immerse ourselves in projects where the sole purpose is to go towards making positive changes in our communities is always incredibly rewarding. While researching an upcoming project we are doing to help families navigate the early days of having a child diagnosed with autism, we came across Far From The Tree.

Far From The Tree, written by the award-winning Andrew Solomon, was originally published as a book. A collection of stories, thoughts and wisdom about families who have been forced to deal with a huge range of exceptional circumstances stemming from things such as diagnosis of Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, blind and deafness.

The digital extension of this amazing book shows how the power of amazing stories of triumph, growth and overcoming adversity can be transformed and brought to life in a whole new way with the power of online.

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