Safe Sext has arrived

I’ll start by assuming you don’t know what “sexting” is. Wikipedia defines it: Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones

Sexting is daring and impulsive, but leaves a ridiculously insecure paper-trail that can easily ruin your life when things get in the wrong hands.

So when you MMS your sextually explicit material (boom tish) you are absolutely asking it – if you ever get on that person’s bad side.

Enter SnapChat.

This friendly little ghost here (clearly a product aimed at kids) allows you to send a picture message with a time expiry. BOOM! You just got your Safe-Sext on! This digital condom is a godsend for anyone who loves to text, but doesn’t want to find they’ve given birth to a meme.

All the sextually explicit material now has a self-destruct timer built straight into it.

What do we think about this kind of product? Is it ethically inappropriate, or is it a brilliant form of innovation for a market that is clearly in need of a product like this?

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