Deepend and Nomad Wilderquest IAB Win!

Deepend and Nomad win Tablet Marketing IAB Australia Awards 2012 for NSW National Parks & Wildlife Society Wilderquest project!

National Parks have developed a website game that engages children in nature through a variety of PC interactions.

Deepend and Nomad was engaged to bring this to life in the iPad using the existing games from the PC site.

Reviewing the audience and content available, Deepend and Nomad proposed and developed an evolved solution that immersed users in a 360 degree living space.

Holding the iPad up like a camera, users see a 360 degree view of a forest around them complete with 3D audio.

Users are tasked with finding animals in the space and capturing a photo to unlock more information, videos and audio.

All content was integrated into the app using a custom CMS solution to aggregate existing data.

After successful PR management with Apple, the app was featured as App of the week – an enormous success.

App downloads far exceeded expectations!

Community feedback provided the app with at 4 ½ out of 5 star rating.

Download the Wilderquest App from the iTunes store now to check it out.


  1. Great work guys, I look forward to more awesome work coming out from you all.

  2. Great News!! check out some video footage and winning smiles here

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