Ps Play – Preview your Designs

Every designer probably has their own method to preview their responsive or app designs on a phone.
I used to export my mockups as jpgs, copied them to a server and started Adobe Edge Inspect to be able to check if my designs were mobile friendly.
The other way was to send a jpg to my own email address and save the jpg in my camera roll.
There are probably some other ways to do it, but you probably get where I am going with this – it is a pretty annoying work around.
With every new Photoshop release, I was hoping that Adobe sensed my pain and would release a LiveInspect panel in Photoshop.

For Mac users, tools like Scala or LiveView or Designer Preview have been around for some time now.
Although these are pretty cool, they all have a flaw: they all require that you install a desktop client and an app on your device.

This is were Ps Play shines as it uses Photoshop inbuilt Remote Connections.
All what you need is to install the app on your phone and be on the same wifi network.
Open Photoshop and go to Edit/Remote Connections and set up a password.
Open the app, enter the password and your ready to go.
So easy and it’s even free.
For iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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