The Top 5 Things I Enjoyed Doing at Deepend

This blog post was written by Luke Riley who recently joined the team at Deepend  for work experience.

As a 14 year old, I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction into the world of digital design, communications and innovation. Deepend did not only give me an all round comprehensive experience into their world, but also helped me feel welcome and a part of their team. Everything from the cool design of the building, interiors and workspace to the table tennis and coffee machine, I felt that I could very easily get used to working in an environment like this. I was given a project to work through and complete before my time at Deepend was to come to an end. My objective was to create a Nickelodeon Jr EDM and out of all the many technologies incorporated into my time here, these were my top 5 things I learnt throughout the process:

Design –

I have always had a passion for design. One of the things I enjoyed at Deepend was to investigate and use Photoshop to create my Nick Jr EDM.
By using layers and lots of cool editing and useful tools and techniques, I could create anything!

Analytics –

I found Analytics really interesting and useful, it was awesome to get to know about how it works. In this session, I used Google Analytics and other sources to examine page views, amount of video hits, when people drop out, and website comparison.

Development –

Learning the basic tools and methods of coding in HTML to develop my Nick Jr EDM was heaps of fun. It was quite a confusing concept at first, but once I got my head around it, it was a really cool thing to learn. After an hour of simple coding, I was coding away in no time!

Social media –

Another thing I liked was investigating the popular use of social media for different brands and companies on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs, etc. Brands on social media can post creative status updates and images to help boost the number of people viewing and buying a product.

User Experience (UX) –

Last but not least, User Experience is important because in order to make a website or game, it needs to be easy and simple to use.
You need to get reviews and feedback, make minor tweaks and improvements here and there, and your project will be successful!

I found this great as I could get opinions from others and make my EDM user friendly as well as creative and fun.


Many thanks to Matt Griffin and his team for investing their time, developing my knowledge and helping to fine tune my interests. My time at Deepend was short and sweet but was certainly an adventure I won’t forget in a hurry. I feel privileged to have had such an insightful experience at a very cool and accomplished agency where everyone is passionate and skillful in what they do.

After seeing what Deepend has to offer, school just doesn’t rate!

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