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The First YouTube Comedy Week is happening from the 19th to the 25th of May. “This better be funny”.

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A 52 metre trampoline made for the Archstoyanie art festival. Why not make more?

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You have to see it to believe it: Slinkies look crazy not just tumbling down stairs but in free fall. In a new video, YouTube’s favorite Slow Mo Guys capture the puzzling dynamics of the iconic toy at 1,600 frames per second on a Phantom Flex camera. The video, which we discovered via the curators of awesomeness at Laughing Squid, is not the first to look at the phenomenon and the Slow Mo guys (Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy) are willing to admit their take is not exactly super informative.

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Meet your new camera crew, the iPhone Swivl.

It’s an obedient device that tracks movement via sensor while your iPhone shoots smooth panning video. It tilts up and down and rotates a whole 360 degrees.

The Swivl knows who or what you want to film by tracking an
easy-to-wear and super compact 3-in-1 sensor. This triple duty gadget
acts as a sensor for movement, a microphone for crystal clear audio and a remote for fine-tuned Swivl control.

Simply place the sensor on your actor (your BFF, your pup, an RC Helicopter, even yourself) and watch the Swivl keep up!

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Goodfilms is a site for you to rate, review, and share your movie experiences, and while doing so find new films (or rediscover old ones) for you to watch. We’ve built the site based around two fundamental ideas: that films are social, and that existing rating systems are broken.

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