Banksy’s Latest NYC Residency

It seems that Banksy is still as popular as ever as he enjoys a month long residency in Greenpoint. The above piece was painted on a door, and is a deviation from the usual style we have all come to expect.

Banksy posted a photo of this piece on his website, with fans trying to work out the location so they could flock to see it.

Appreciators of art – either the owner of the building or the people working there didn’t simply decide to scrub off the offending artwork, but simply removed the door. Who knows where this door will resurface next? Might even be an art auction.

Photo by Manny Peralta

Banksy is currently attempting to host an entire exhibition on the streets of New York by posting clues to artwork via his website and related social media. Should people be interested in seeing more of his artwork, there’s a toll free audio commentary number which often accompanies the artwork.

Street art is emerging as an area of art which experiences constant growth, in fact the phenomenon associated with famous street artists sometimes seems to outgrow the model of the traditional artist. Could it be because street art is more accessible, or is because street artists like Banksy are media savvy and know how to market themselves?

Looking forward to hearing opinions on this one, please leave me a comment with your thoughts below.,

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