Beck’s Oculus Rift Event Demonstrates How The Technology Will Change Performance Art


Beck’s 2012 “Hello, Again” show can now be viewed with the augmented reality headset.

Several months ago, music director Chris Milk worked with musician Beck to create the unique digital experience that was “Hello, Again.”

In “Hello, Again,” Beck performed his rendition of David Bowie’s Sound and Vision on a circular stage in a round room with over 160 musicians. The concert was captured by 360° cameras and binaural microphones, which made it possible for online viewers to experience the concert from any seat in the venue. Online viewers could control what was on their screen with a webcam that monitored where they were looking to adjust the video and sound and make it seem like a virtual reality experience.

The performance was initially designed to be viewed on a computer screen, but now it can be viewed on the Oculus Rift.

With the Oculus headset, viewers can find themselves right smack in the middle of the audience. With the Oculus Rift, the head movements are tracked by the sensor of the device.They can view and hear the show from any angle, thanks to the360° video and audio system that looked like a giant head covered in ear-shaped microphones and cameras.

This demonstration shows how virtual reality could change and augment performance art. Devices like the Oculus Rift can change the way people experience films, live concerts or any other artistic performances – whether they are present at the event itself or experiencing it in a remote location. The possibility of virtual reality performances could also change how artists create and performance.

Beck’s 2012 “Hello, Again” show can now be viewed with the augmented reality headset.!7tYna

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