As more and more people access content on their mobile phones, from books to comics, it seemed inevitable that the magazine market would jump on that band wagon. The New Yorker magazine is just one more to dive into that pond and judging by the few screen grabs I have been able to see it looks like it might be a very cool offering indeed. One of the things I truly love about this new mag-app offering though is the price. $5.99 US for one issue or subscribe for $59.99 per year. Current subscribers will be able to access the content for free. The reason I love this is because I have long been an evangelist for paid content. For too long users have been devaluing online content and expecting to get it for free because it’s not a “physical” item but to argue, someone still needs to be paid to create that content and this money has to come from somewhere. Advertising alone is not going to pay contributor and designer’s bills unfortunately, and giving away something for nothing is generally regarded as a less than sturdy business practice. So good on the New Yorker. They recognised they had a bigger market beyond print and tablets are are going for it. Watch their space – it’s going to be an interesting one!

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