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Taking The Bother Out Of Hover – Nomad MD, David McGowan featured in AdNews Mag

David McGowan, The MD of Deepend’s sister mobile agency Nomad, has been interviewed in the September issue of AdNews magazine, “Taking The Bother Out Of Hover” – a look into the relevance and future impact of hover tech apps on the print industry. Are they still the ideal meeting of the print and digital medium?

David McGowan agrees that publishers need to work on the value equation for these apps. “There has to be a balance of effort and reward in every interaction that you have. You also need to present what that reward is going to be properly to the reader in advance – it needs to be visualised”

McGowan says penetration of AR (augmented reality) apps is still “really low” and seems “quite gimmicky” and that “from the creative side we’re still in the dark ages. What people have done well in the past is to have a kind of linear interaction. What they’re missing is a connection with the huge amount of content and info that’s on the website and the rest of the ecosystem of the channel behind it.”

You can read the entire article below and check out some of the award-winning  work by Deepend and the Nomad team here: http://www.deepend.com.au/our-work/work/-/wilderquest-ipad-app//




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