Sydney named third best food destination in the world!

Sydney has slayed some foodie tall poppies today with UK consumer group Which? calling us the third best holiday destination for food lovers – in the world. Yep, that means we beat out heavy-hitters like New York and Paris and London and Copenhagen. Number one was San Sebastian and number two was Tokyo. But third best is best, right?

How are these sort of things decided? Who cares!? We won… But for those who are interested, Which? enlisted an expert panel – food and travel writer Nina Caplan, criitc Andy Hayler and blogger and cookbook author Niamh Shields – to look at ten shortlisted cities and rate them against one another. The “experts” looked at fine-dining, casual eateries, street food, local specialties and the holiday-ness of the destination to come up with percentage scores – 81 per cent for San Sebastian, 78 per cent for Tokyo, 77 per cent for Sydney.

Then came Paris and New York, Copenhagen and Emilia Romagna in Italy. After us!

A cynic might say these surveys mean nothing, are a dime a dozen and there are hundreds each year that all say different things and just contribut to a maelstrom of braggery and nothingness.

We’re not in a cynical mood today!

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