Have you got the time?

It’s the question that pops up the and time again on social news sites such as and – when is the best time to send that marketing message or all important news out into the world? I always like to read these articles and see if anything has changed, and surprisingly over the past two years that I have been watching this space it’s pretty much stayed about the same. Facebook – best time is between 3-4pm weekdays and Twitter rules the weekend.

However when it comes to email marketing things are now a little more up in the air it seems. According to our good old friend Mashable, thanks to the smart phone we can now check our emails anytime, anywhere – and that is exactly what we are doing. So in our constantly connected world, when should businesses be sending those EDMs? The Mashable article (see link below) is pretty non-committal on the subject, but in the end I guess it comes down to letting your analytics and experience guide the way. If only 3 people read your message at 9am on a Monday morning, but 80% read it on Wednesday at 2pm then you’ve got your optimal time right there. I’ve always thought consistency of send time was a pick-up factor as well – I remember when The Register ( changed the time they sent their e-newsletter from 1pm (perfect for my lunch break) to 3pm. I was gutted to loose my lunch time read. Humans beings are creatures of habit and do come to count on things being there at certain moments – but this is really just my opinion right? so I’m putting this out there now to find out what you think. What is the best time to send an EDM and does consistency count for anything? Best comment wins a high five…

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