The V Motion Project

Frucor-owned Energy Drink V has furthered its ‘V Motion Project’ with a new television spot demonstrating that “with enough energy, you can do extraordinary things.”

So a very good friend and old mentor decided to hack a Kinect motion tracking software and combine it with audio production software, the V Motion Project created a tool that could transform the body’s movements into music. The hacked kinetics was used to track your body movement. Each time you move your arms it would then track your movement and replace this with playing a audio sample. The user interface was all projected onto a wall so that the user could visualise and see they interactions.

What’s even more incredible is the audio track created, its currently in the New Zealand top of the pops chart at number 5! Ha ha I love it!

I hear you and I know!!! Seriously bro!!! Brilliant, fun, watchable, innovative and very engaging! Well done Aaron!!! I’ll be calling you.



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  1. Being the audiophile I am, I immediately wonder whether it’s all just crazy ways of triggering and filtering samples… It looks amazing… Clearly it’s a song that someone wrote on some other program… Show me someone playing some John Coltrane style shite, THEN I’ll be impressed 😉

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