Examples of Innovative Outdoor Ads

Advertisers are becoming increasingly creative in order to transcend the limits of the outdoor ad space.

In 2013, British Airways launched a campaign called “Look Up” which used custom-built surveillance technology paired with a video ad, where a young boy is seen to point at a passing plane.

More recently, Sweden has been leading the way with innovative offerings by IKEA and Apotek.

Famous for their ingenious furniture which makes the most of tight spaces, IKEA took the idea further by maximizing the output of their billboard using light globes. By simply lighting the billboard with either Red, Green or Blue light, they were able to display 3 messages for the price of 1.

Elsewhere in Stockholm, subway platforms were being fitted with ultrasonic sensors to detect the approach of a train. Pharmacy brand Apotek created a video ad with the tagline “Make your hair come alive” with the model’s hair ruffled in time with the passing train.


Hopefully Australia too will see some clever uses of outdoor ads in the near future!

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