Redbull gives you wings

3 records and at least 7 risks – would you jump if I do?


1. The first man to break the speed of sound, about 1110km/h

2. The highest ever jump, about 120,000 feet or 22 miles (over three times the average airliner cruising altitude)

3. The fastest speed in freefall


– Blood Could Boil – Hi-tech super suit rips, and his skin and blood will boil, brain burst and even cause his eyeballs to pop out

– Extreme Cold Could Stress Balloon

– Wind Could Blow Baumgartner off Course

– Could Spin Uncontrollably, Even Fatally – Loss of control, which could exert G forces and make him lose consciousness

– Sonic Boom Could Do Unknown Damage

– Parachute not opening



Redbull Strato Team

Strato Capsule

High altitude balloon

Bespoke pressurised space suit, helmet and visor equipted with several high-altitude cameras witholding zero airpressure, supersonic speed and minus 57 ° C

Parachute with automatic safety system – Stratos Cypres

Camera and communication systems and high-altitude photography –   MediorNet developed by leading edge technology company

Watch live on Facebook  (when it eventually happens) or check out the animation .



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