“Declaration of love” to Facebook Fans

"Like" your makeup meta? Yves Saint Laurent’s recently unveiled limited edition eyeshadow palette was inspired by Facebook. Hard to believe? What’s harder to believe is that no one had thought of this already! This comes not long after the house announced that its name will change to Saint Laurent under the Creative Direction of Hedi Slimane.

The "Pure Chromatics Devoted To Fans" palette includes the signature Facebook blue and white, along with a black and a warm-grey shade. The luxury label told beauty website Kiss and Makeup that the Facebook-inspired range is a "declaration of love" to their fans, "[weaving] together the now highly identifiable Facebook blue with the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent design".

To score themselves one of only 1,650 of the meta bad boys, all ‘fans’ need to do is go onto YSL’s Facebook! The lucky Facebook-dwellers (out of YSL’s 314,000 fans) who manage to score a "Devoted To Fans" palette will also receive other ‘privileges’, such as exclusive info, perks and services.

Check out YSL’s Facebook on July 19 for availability and shipping details!


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