Commercial Innovation in a Digital World

How can organisations leverage digital to both de-risk investment, as well as create new commercial strategies and business models to compete in an increasingly competitive world?

Companies that are realising and capitalising on the digital possibilities are re-writing the rules of entire industries and as such internet-enabled business models, be it ad-supported, freemium apps, paywalls, cloud based services have flourished.

Join us on 29th May to discuss and discover the latest and most lucrative revenue models, how they operate and what application they have for your business.

To be successful now, requires more than a creative vision but one that promotes the creation of improved or even original business models, new commercial structures and ultimately new business set-ups.

Key discussion points:

• What new digital revenue models or innovative commercial strategies are working and what are the practicalities of implementing them?
• Funding a start-up with Opex and not Capex and using infrastructure as a service. What is the reality of a pay-as-you-grow model?
• What are the revenue options..
o Paywalls?
o Pay-as-you-grow business models?
o Freemium Services?
o Ad Supported models?
o Crowd sourced investment or revenue?
o Using infrastructure as a service (e.g. Cloud services)?
o IAP (In App Purchases)?
o Subscription models?
o And more…

• How has advertising evolved as a revenue stream and what innovative ad models work and what role can they play
• What are the realities of transforming existing business models in a new digital era
• How to use digital tech to enhance traditional business models

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In the fast paced, highly competitive world of digital, learn how the boards and leadership teams of start-ups and large corporates plan, execute and manage current and future business models and how a start-up can de-risk it’s venture.

Event Details
Date: 29th May, 2014
Venue: Ernst and Young, 680 George Street,
NSW 2000

Time Format
9:30am Registration & Networking
10:00am Event Start
11:00am Q & A Panel Discussion
12:00pm Event End

AIMIA Members: $125.00 (inc.GST)
Non-Members: $215.00 (inc.GST)

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