Enabled the disabled

It’s great to see we are trying to make disabled people’s lives easier.. or more FUN!

Some great recent examples:

1. The touch sleeve “Access4Kids”

“Access4Kids is a wireless sleeve that uses a sensor system to translate movements into fine-motor controls. With a mere swipe or press on one of the patches, those lacking fine-motor skills gain a whole new level of control and access to touch-technology.”

2. The Hearing Impaired telephone

“The amplified captioned telephone displays a transcript of the talk in real-time on its large color touchscreen.”

3. 3D Printed Paintings “Midas Touch”

“A group of students from Harvard have come up with an innovative new way for the visually impaired to experience art along with everyone else. The project is called “Midas Touch” and uses 3D printing to make visual art more accessible.”

4. Railway station guided path for the blind

“Europe’s busiest interchange station – Clapham Junction – has become the first station in the UK to be equipped with a guided path for blind or partially sighted passengers. Braille signs have also been added.”

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