Human and insect eyes used to create new wide angle lens

Human eyes work with a single lens that gets pulled by muscles either side to change your focus whereas insect eyes consist of many lens’ which that stiches several images into one. This gives an insect a huge field of view, almost 360 degrees, just like an eyefinity monitor set up (only with no gaps in the image from the separate monitors).

Mixing the focus of human eye with the multiply lens’ of an insect eye we can produce a very small wide angle lens. Using several domed shaped gelatinous pockets all sitting on a larger one we are able to change the direction and focal depth by pumping fluid in and out on the meniscus of the small lens like domes.

The result is a wide angle lens with a depth of field spanding across 5mm. this may lead to your smart phones having the same photo quality of your SLR.

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