The Impossible Project Instant Lab

The Impossible Project, the guys who saved the last Polaroid production plant and started to make their own instant film materials, have announced their latest project – the Instant Lab. Designed to bridge analog and digital worlds seamlessly, the Instant Lab features a special cradle designed to hold an iPhone as well as a specialised lens which can focus on the phone’s Retina display. The base of the lab then exposes the film and, like a normal Polaroid camera, it will be available to view after a few minutes.

An Impossible Project app will also be released to work with the device, allowing you to crop and adjust your iPhone photos to create the correct exposure. The project is not yet a reality however – they’re currently seeking $250,000 USD through Kickstarter and need to reach that goal by 8 October, 2012, so if you want to pre-purchase the Lab and back the production at the same time, head over to Kickstarter now.

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