Trending Machines – Seven Recent Takes On The Vending Machine

1. Fantastic Delites Vending Machine Issues Challenges In Exchange For Free Snacks

Snack food Fantastic Delites wanted to know how far people would go for a free sample of their product.

Is there a treat so good that you would push a button 5,000 times to have a taste?

Apparently Fantastic Delites are tasty enough that hundreds of people lined up to accept ‘challenges’ from a vending machine giving out samples of the snack. Developed by Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, this special device issues tasks to the public and upon completion produces a box of the snack. People danced, bowed down, and generally embarrassed themselves in good spirit, all to find out ‘how far they would go’ for some Fantastic Delites.

via PSFK.

2. Tourism British Columbia Vending Machine Dispenses Surfboards, Bikes

Tourism British Columbia and Citizen Optimum worked with The Media Merchants to create a 14-foot-tall, 10-foot-wide vending machine designed for residents of San Francisco residents. Those who interacted with “The BC Moments Machine” were rewarded with highly valuable mementos from British Columbia, including real kayaks, mountain bikes, golf clubs and surf boards.

The BC Moments Machine is a component of the ongoing “100 BC Moments” cross-media campaign from Tourism British Columbia which is actively encouraging travelers to experience everything BC has to offer this summer.

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3. Tea for a Tweet: The BOS Iced Tea Vending Machine

This South African soda machine gives away free iced tea in exchange for a promotional tweet. The machine is equipped with a marquee that encourages passers-by to send a GPS-tagged tweet with a specific hashtag in it.

As soon as the machine notices the tweet, it spits out a free can of Rooibos iced tea To get your tweet accepted you have to be close to the machine. After each tweet, the machine takes a timeout to show the name of the Twitter user on its screen.

via The Pop-Up City

4. Rugbeer Vending Machine Dispenses Beverage When Tackled

A beer company in Argentina has produced a vending machine for drinkers that needs to be ‘tackled’ before it’ll dispense a drink. The machine, called Rugbeer, is being used in a marketing campaign aimed at beer-loving rugby fans in the north of the country, a region where the sport is even more popular than soccer.

via: Digital Trends

5. Seedbomb Vending Machine Encourages Guerrilla Gardening


The world is a better place if it’s greener. It looks better, too. So as part of a campaign by Greenaid, Seedbomb vending machines are being rolled out where anyone can become a green agent of change for the world.

But first, what’s a seedbomb? Well, it’s a mixture of clay and compost with native California grass and wildflower seeds that has been rolled up into a ball. So all the person needs to do is toss it onto a patch of earth and let nature take its course.

They’re cheap, too. The vending machine dispenses the seedbombs at just $0.50 each, so for less than a dollar, you can now be a part of the green revolution.

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6. Limon & Nada: Lemonade Pricing Set By Temperature

The hotter the day, the cheaper the drink.

Limon & Nada, a Spanish lemonade brand owned by Coca-cola’s Minute Maid, has set up vending machines that offer discounts according to how hot the weather is. The machines, installed via its agency Momentum, have special software that adjust the cost as the temperature fluctuates. Prices are set at two euros a can for temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) 1.40 euros at 26-29 degrees, and half price at one euro when the mercury rises to thirty degrees. The 18 machines will be at water parks and other summer attractions from now until September.

via Creativity Online

7. The Machine That Started It All? The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

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