Mind blowing facts about you

It’s rare that I’ll read an article and say “wow” about 5 times in as many minutes. This 47 page article has some AMAZING things that we should all know about humans, being in the world of media.

Some good examples:

#3 — You Can Only Remember 3 to 4 Things At A Time (The Magic Number 3 or 4)
#5 — You Make Most of Your Decisions Unconsciously
#7 — You Actually Can’t Multi-Task

#8 — Dopamine Makes You Addicted To Seeking Information
#11 — Why You Can’t Resist Paying Attention to Food, Sex, or Danger
#16 — The Ability To Delay Gratification Or Not Starts Young

#19 — It’s a Myth That All Capital Letters Are Inherently Harder to Read
#21 — You Overestimate Your Reactions to Future Events
#27 — We go below the “fold”
((OMG – they found out!!!))

#28 — Things that are close together seem to belong together
#29 – Brand Names Talk To Our “Old” Brains
What’s the old brain? The old brain is continually scanning the environment and asking, “Can I eat it?”, “Will it kill me?”, “Can I have sex with it?”. Basically the old brain is interested in food, survival and sex.

#33: Bite-Sized Chunks Of Info Are Best

#35 — People Make Mistakes

#38 — Even The Illusion Of Progress Is Motivating
#39 — Your Mind Wanders 30% of the Time (more like 85% for the Danalyst)

#42 — We’ll spend more money if you don’t mention money

#43 — People Expect Online Interactions to Follow Social Rules

#46: The more uncertain you are, the more you dig in and defend your ideas

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