Reading, but better.

Welcome to ‘Spritz’ – apparently the future of speed-reading. This app enables users to greatly increase their reading speed and comprehension, and presents huge potential to be incorporated into a variety of aspects of a user’s digital experience.

Spritz works with the movements of the eye, presenting the words in a passage of text in a manner that requires less eye movement, thus allowing quicker reading. According to the Spritz site 80% of the time you spend reading is actually spent moving your eyes sequentially from word to word, with only 20% spent actually processing content. By reducing necessary eye movement Spritz allows you to increase your reading speed dramatically.

So what are some examples of where you might find this technology in the future? The list could be endless, but would begin with:

– Emails


– Social media

– Closed Captioning (e.g. watching sports in bars)

– Digital books and e-readers

– Smart watches

– Mobile phones

– Google Glass

In my opinion the greatest potential for Spritz comes from smaller screens, whereby it would be difficult to process large amounts of content. Think, for example, the potential to quickly scan emails on your wearable devices, or quickly reading an article through your Google Glass on the train.

Needless to say this technology is in its infancy, however I believe there is great potential for this to catch on very soon, giving users the ability to process more information, quicker, on smaller screens.

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