Death of the Internet: Evolution of Interconnectivity

Over the past five years, information created and shared online has increased nine-fold.

This year, 2015, the Internet will connect one trillion devices.

As the Internet expands, we must ensure that it continues to be a platform for choice, competition, neutrality, a tool for social change and connectivity, drives innovation and infuses development across the globe.

But can the internet today support the growth of tomorrow?

In this, my latest article, I take a look at the three fundamentals of networking that make up the Internet’s’ strength and its vulnerabilities and delve into a conceptual discussion of how the Internet is evolving into a ‘fully connected’ mesh of intelligent ecosystems. Starting with the current technology trend of the interconnection of things and devices: the Internet of Things, to the future of interconnectedness and how it will effect the way we interact with each other and information on the Web through intelligent assistants to augmented reality.

The future of the Internet, Web and interaction with content is very different from what we know today… Its exciting to see which technologies, concepts and methods will take off and speed us into the future

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