Supermodels, Grumpy Cat And Space Pizza

We’ve reached the halfway mark of SXSW 2016 and the tsunami of things to see, hear and do continues to roll in. The importance for brands to be authentic and personable continues EJ Granleese, managing partner of History Will Be Kind and Jono Butler, creative strategist at Deepend share their insights from day three:

Fuck No! Shit Yeah. Damn Right?: Be empowered through knowledge (Fuck No!), take every opportunity you have (Shit Yeah.) and embrace failure (Damn Right?).

Mutually Inclusive – Building a Brand’s Community: The key is to create ‘intimacy in scale’ with a plethora of loyal customers through unique community building tactics, in store experiences and internal team management.

Design dos & don’ts: Airbnb’s experience design manager, Steve Selzer, suggests “the uberfication of everything is turning the world into an assisted living for the young.” Designers need to start thinking not just about human-centred-design but humanity-centred-design. In other words, they need to look at how the user benefits. Making it easy for them is not enough.

Breakout technology: QualComm used augmented reality to tell their brand story with the ‘Invisible Museum’ at the Mashable House.

Quote of the day: “Never waste a crisis.” – Tyler Haney, the 27 year old CEO of Outdoor Voices.

Today’s buzzwords: Friction, scale, empathy, authenticity, surprise and delight, community, dialogue, connect, human, passion and utility.

Cool website: is a website that helps guide you through any personal or professional issues with a unique questionnaire. It encourages self-reflection in a clear, non-patronising way.

Celebrity sighting: Supermodel Coco Rocha wandered through the crowd after her panel “Why Art Needs Science: Fashion and Tech’s Future”.

Food for thought: Edible 3D space pizza from NASA-funded mechanical engineer, Anjan Contractor.

Waiting in line for: The real Grumpy Cat.

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