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several years of incremental developments, the world of
in-car technology is about to explode into the consumer
market. Just as the general public have adapted to
managing and exploiting the myriad functions of desktops,
smart phones and tablets, they are about to be faced with
a similar plethora of competing technologies, standards
and options in the dashboard of their car.

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TEDx Sydney was held in the Opera House on Saturday April 26th – an annual flagship TEDx event that has become the leading platform and pipeline for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity, innovation and culture to the rest of the world.

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“In the first quarter of 2013, children aged 2 to 11 watched more than 112 hours of television per month, according to Nielsen”

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Awsome new kids park in Sydney .. no more rusty slides and swings made from old re-treads … This looks amazing

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We all love skipping stones but often don’t have the chance to do it. Let a robot skip the stone for you.

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